About Techno Check

About Us

Techno-Check Security Print Solutions recognises that while our fantastically interconnected world can offer a vast array of prospects for your brand, it also presents a unique collection of challenges. For every consumer that chooses to use or buy your product, many want to counterfeit it, placing your brand integrity at risk and threatening legitimate economies. Furthermore, the post-pandemic world has become a playground for bad actors wishing to exploit vulnerabilities in government entities, businesses, or private individuals. For over 25 years, and with our strategic partners, Techno-Check has been a trusted provider amongst security printing companies and fraud prevention companies specialising in end-to-end security print solutions, integrated online and on-product brand protection, and authentication solutions.

The visionaries at Techno-Check continually focus on timely innovation and therefore produce industry-leading security print solutions that enhance existing fraud prevention solutions for global brands and government entities worldwide. These solutions enable a wholly integrated, data-centric approach that exceeds far beyond conventional anti-counterfeiting and includes compliance with the security industry’s high-quality standards. Today, Techno-check offers a breadth of fraud prevention services and solutions that cater to and complement differing security and authentication levels critical to the world’s best-known brands, financial and education sectors, and government entities worldwide.

Our Process

Industry Insight and Education

As subject matter experts, we effectively solve your most significant security challenges quickly and comprehensively. Our holistic and comprehensive approach addresses all our clients’ needs: from simple and reliable systems to fully customisable, integrated solutions. We seek to fully understand your organisation’s unique risks through our comprehensive risk assessment and gap analysis.

Bespoke Solutions

No two Techno-Check clients have the exact requirements for safety and security. Together, we work to design wide-reaching solutions that help bridge the gap between physical and digital credentials using our fully customisable approach and integrating the leading secure credential technologies and products available in the industry today.

Technical Advice and Support

As a respected and dependable provider in the industry, we are committed to our clients’ success and offer the best solutions across the security spectrum. These days many choose Techno-Check because integrity is embedded in the way we conduct business, and this empowers us to advise on, deliver, and support industry-leading, certified security solutions to our clients.

Our Values

To better enhance mission performance and achieve our shared objectives, we at Techno-Check are committed to fostering a culture established by these core values. Through our commitment to upholding this culture and the ongoing improvement of our services, we have earned our clients’ trust and continue to exceed their expectations.



Everyone at Techno-Check conducts themselves in a trustworthy, honest, and ethical manner. Always.



We protect our clients' confidentiality and their information while honouring our commitments.



We listen to our clients and collaborate with them to find the best possible solution.



We work to deliver first-rate expertise and resources, providing the industry knowledge and value that our clients deserve.



We respect and care for everyone we encounter, and we hold our partners and suppliers to the same high, ethical standards.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading Security Print and Fraud Prevention Solutions provider of choice in the Kenyan and East African markets, consistently safeguarding our client products, digital presence, high-security documents, and assets.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide superior Techno-Check products and bespoke Security Print and Fraud Prevention solutions to secure and protect client brands, products, and high-security documents.

Company Objective

Techno-Check’s commitment to quality, reliability and exceeding client expectations remains unparalleled as we strive to be the market leader in Security Print and Fraud Prevention Solutions for both the private and public Sectors in the Kenyan and Eastern African Markets.


From the dedicated specialists who develop our solutions to the diverse teams that have helped to evolve our business and our product and service offerings over the years, Techno-Check is staffed with highly skilled individuals who push the limits of what is possible. Exceeding expectations is our standard because this is what our clients expect.

Techno-Check’s Leadership Team is keen to serve clients and partners in a spirit of mutual respect and confidence.