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Award Certificates such as Degrees, Diplomas, Transcripts and other Accreditation Certificates are in general ceremonial documents, and such are often placed on display for the viewing pleasure of all to see. 

A known problem are the forgeries and manipulation of these documents. This can lead to a damaging reputation to the awarding University, College or awarding Institution.

We balance the security and aesthetics to ensure the document is not covered in security features. However we ensure that the right security features utilized in the most effective and efficient manner provide maximum security against counterfeits and manipulation of the documents.

Some of the features we employ to counter various frauds include but are not limited to 

  • Watermark paper 
  • Holograms both generic and bespoke
  • ultraviolet inks

In conjunction with our partners we have a unique online verification platform which allows for the live verification of a document. Using a secure login ID given to individual students, potential employers can verify documents to ensure what is presented to them is genuine and so can be cross checked with the system in real time. This can be adapted for alternate uses. 

Some advantages of this highly secure feature allows for potential employers to verify what is presented in front them as well  for reduced Administration work load for departments having to verify documents. 

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