Tech disruption has caused the banking industry to evolve rapidly over the past decade. Banks and financial institutions are constantly striving to keep up with increasing industry regulations to secure and store the ever-growing volumes of data, whilst at the same time having to address an ever-expanding list of governmental, data security and corporate rules and standards. Privacy concerns that include protecting customers’ personal information and the transactions processed for and by them must be tackled, and solutions devised to meet these standards.

We at Techno-Check understand how vital secure documents are to the financial industry. By staying abreast with research and development in secure printing and graphic techniques and via our patented methods, designed to prevent counterfeiting and alterations fraud, our products and services provide financial institutions with the perfect combination of confidence, adaptability, and conformity.

Banks can trust Techno-Check to secure their valuable printed content by utilising extensive security safeguards to ensure that cheques, share certificates, stock certificates, and all plastic card printing requirements are protected and safe.

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