Degree & Certificate Printing

Degree and Certificate Printing

The fraudulent reproduction of degrees and certificates has increased considerably in recent years, becoming more common and sophisticated. Falsified certificates can be used to assist in illegal entry into a country and secure employment in fields for which an individual is not qualified, damaging the reputation of businesses and awarding bodies and possibly even placing the public at risk.

Techno-Check’s expertise in degree printing services and document fraud prevention, detection, and deterrence has assisted universities, colleges, educational authorities, and awarding bodies to protect their brands and reputations from the damage created by fraud.

As specialists in secure certificate design, printing, and personalisation, we offer many innovative and highly effective security features which incorporate the latest techniques for protecting your certificates against fraud. Techno-Check works closely with clients to understand the vulnerability of each certificate project to fraud and consequently advises and provides the most appropriate security methods to prevent unauthorised use.

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