SIM Cards

SIM Cards

Today’s modern world revolves around a network of connected things. We’re constantly using or being monitored by various technologies, many of which are powered by IoT Subscriber Identity Module cards or SIM cards. Used for network connectivity and industrial IoT applications, SIM cards uniquely identify subscribers of mobile telecommunication equipment and networks. SIM cards ensure that a subscriber is authenticated, monitored, and finally appropriately and accurately billed for airtime used.

Many industries are harnessing the power of IoT by using SIM cards. For example, organisations can gather information on customer trends, thereby enhancing their overall experience. Within the retail sector, connectivity enables retailers to monitor footfall, analyse consumer buying habits, develop relevant in-store engagement, and maximise supply chain efficiencies.

Techno-Check can work with your organisation to create, program, and test SIM cards for these and a variety of other sector applications. Contact the Techno-Check team to understand how SIM cards could be utilised to capture meaningful data for your organisational needs.

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