Techno-Check understands the implications and devastating effects of academic fraud. Apart from granting an individual access to an educational program through deceptive means, educational institutions can suffer reputational risk, loss of professional integrity, reductions in admissions and revenue, and the stress of potential legal action when or if they discover they have admitted students based on fraudulent information. Additionally, admitting fraudulent students prevents legitimate applicants from securing rightful places in programmes. It can be expensive and time-consuming for affected educational institutions to change public perception once that perception has been tainted. Such reputational damage also can directly impact profits, awarded projects, and opportunities for future students.

Technological advancements and the ability to print certificates online, the rapid growth of international student mobility, and the globalisation and commodification of education have made fraudulent academic activity routine whilst rendering detection more difficult.

Contact Techno-Check to learn about their product lines and additional certificate printing service to help ensure your institution puts in place a barrier that domestic or international fraudulent applicants cannot cross.

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