Fraudulent activity generally tends to rise during periods of economic uncertainty, especially in the manufacturing sector. For instance, threats posed by counterfeit drug products entering the healthcare system and reaching patients have been well documented over the years. Prescription drugs are among the leading type of counterfeited products, exceeding fraudulent sales of food, auto parts, toys, clothing, shoes, and electronics.

Chances are, the inexpensive handbag or watch sold by a street vendor is not an authentic brand product; however, a knock-off fashion accessory will not cause the buyer physical harm. Substandard or falsified drugs can have profound health implications for patients, especially when look-a-like drugs are masquerading as the real thing.

Techno-Check has an assortment of tamper-evident labels and seals customisable for use across many industries. No matter the product, purchasers can be assured of product authenticity, which will prevent loss and, in some cases, contribute to consumer safety.

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