Hologram applicator

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This desktop, point of issue hologram applicator is easy to use,  robust and adds additional security to documents and other materials

The benefits of having point of issue holograms is that documents only become "live" once a hologram is applied holograms can be applied as the documents is being issued to reduce the risk of theft of documents during storage,  as well reducing the risk of counterfeit documents in circulation. 

Users are able to customize the machine to issue, metallic or de-metallic holograms as well as bespoke designs. 

Great for securing Cheqyes, Purchase Orders, Certificates,  Licences and other documents., as well as ID cards. 

Non-reset able counter as well as a batch counter allows users to see how many holograms have been issued and with a 2-Key operation, users can be held accountable for the issuing of documents.  

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