Cheque Printing

Cheque Printing

The payment landscape is fast-changing and, thus, in constant flux. Changes due to technological advances, consumer and client behaviours and expectations, and regulatory scrutiny, are bringing about many challenges. And even in today’s world of electronic payments and agile fintech, the use of cheques remains a necessity.

As a trusted cheque printing company, Techno-Check is facing industry challenges head-on by developing new and more innovative, and dynamic cheque security features to protect users from counterfeiters aggravating their operations.

Unlike other cheque printing companies for banks, Techno-Check utilises specialist security design software that adheres to the standards and requirements set by the Check & Credit Clearing Company (formerly APACS) for cheque printing and personalisation. Cheques are securely designed and personalised to incorporate your corporate branding, creating highly secure pre-printed cheques unique to your organisation.

Techno-Check operates in a secure, access-controlled environment where all cheque printing solutions undergo strict verification procedures to ensure any incidence of cheque fraud is curtailed, and no illicit reproduction can occur.

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