Tamper Evident Stickers and Labels

Tamper Evident Stickers and Labels

Tamper-evident stickers, tamper-evident labels, and tamper-evident seals offer a straightforward and effective way of securing various products. Materials used to manufacture them are not readily available to the public, making them extremely difficult to duplicate. A tamper-evident label is distinctive by design and has one or more barriers or indicators to entry which, when breached or missing, provides visible evidence to consumers that the product has been tampered with.

Techno-Check can provide a variety of tamper-proof stickers for use across many industries. Whether the product is medication, food, or a piece of technology or specialised industrial equipment, purchasers want to be assured that what is received in the box is what was initially packed in the box and that the contents remained free from all outside tampering.

Techno-Check’s selection of anti-tamper labels feature superior tamper-evident performance, which is easy to use and can help provide loss protection and ensure safety and peace of mind to consumers.

For SMEs or larger businesses, Techno-Check’s range of tamper-evident security labels and stickers provide an anti-tamper seal for file cabinets, doors, windows, equipment, boxes, and many other containers. Techno-Check can help protect your products and equipment by controlling access to files, containers, and doors when needed.

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