Hologram Applicators

Hologram Applicators

Holograms are intricate optical devices that not only offer a quickly visible authentication but also provide a unique level of protection against fraud. They are difficult to produce or forge, are widely recognised, and cannot be duplicated through photocopying or computer scanning. This gives holograms an incredible advantage in the commercial security market whilst working towards strengthening your brand identity.

Holograms are one of the few proven solutions for true authentication that can implement both overt and covert features, smart solutions used for consumer engagement and tracking, and serialisation. With their presence seen commonly on banknotes, holograms convey a sense of protection and security when compared to newer digital solutions because they can include features such as machine readability, visual enhancements, or hidden covert characteristics.

Techno-Check’s in-house, unique process enables us to design diverse hologram styles in various shapes, sizes, and volumes and apply holograms from cheques, tickets, vouchers, and certificates, through to official credentials, visas, and many other security documents.

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