The need for secure, original documents is a significant concern in today’s volatile world, and accordingly, Perforators can provide for permanent and unalterable marking of paper documents. In use by various government agencies, educational institutions, and financial organisations, Perforators securely and accurately control sensitive material by delivering an irreversible, clean-cut in paper. This effectively eliminates recycling fraud of documents, especially those that have been utilised but due to accounting or compliance purposes, cannot be destroyed and must be stored.

Perforators provide the best protection for unalterable, permanent marking of documents because perforated, clean-cut holes cannot be erased. Applications include cancelling, numbering, dating, receipting, coding, and validating documents, claims, invoices, cheques, diagnostic x-rays, sealed bid dating, voting cards, paper health records, credit cards, passports, visas, and others.

Techno-Check can help provide the Perforator model most appropriate to your specific requirements in both manual and electric models.

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